is Here for All Johnny Vedmore Media

Hello Friends,

I’m delighted to tell you that is up and running and will be my media site for videos, podcasts, auditing and documentaries, as well as music and additions from other independent content creators. will remain where I publish news, articles and research.

Fungi Monkey will be an exploration of modern culture and society with as many twists as possible. If you think that your work, art or music, deserves a space on FungiMonkey then please get in touch with me at and put forward your ideas.

I am looking to grow and help others grow at the same time.

On Fungi Monkey you can also support my work by buying NFT’s. They’re all official Garbage Pail Kids, Monsters of Rap, and Princess Bride NFT’s and it allows me another method for people to support my work. You can still support me via via the support page, but if you want to gain something in return then check out the Fungi Monkey Shop where you will find a range of quirky and collectible NFT’s from a sought after collection.

Fungi Monkey will be fun , will be educational, will be controversial, and will be naughty, I hope you join me over there.

All my love

Johnny Vedmore