Johnny & Monkey vs The Hidden Cop Circles of South Wales – Audit Everything with  @Johnny Vedmore 

Johnny and Monkey go to the source of pure evil in Pontypridd, the South Wales Police station. On the way they have a lovely stroll through the valleys town and discuss everything including the new monarch. There's not much action to be found in Pontypridd but the police parking is a very special and notable.

Johnny Was On The Fair Food Forager & Friends Show (Part 1)

#71 Johnny Vedmore - Investigative Journalist - From Henry Kissinger to Jeremy Farrar, the people behind everything.

NEWSHOUND #5 – Kissinger’s Awkward Birthday Bash – 80 Toast Kissinger For 50th Birthday

In 1973, Heinz A Kissinger turned 50 years old and the famous women's night spot, The Colony Club, hosted his birthday party. However, Kissinger's administration had just been found to be wiretapping the press and their political enemies during the Watergate scandal. In fact, many of the 80 attendees of Kissinger's 50th birthday bash had also been bugged on Kissinger's orders. This made for a very awkward night indeed.

NEWSHOUND #4 – The Club of Rome & Aurelio Peccei – Worrying About The Way The World Is Shaping

In this episode of NEWSHOUND  @Johnny Vedmore  delves into the British Newspaper Archives for the first mentions of Italian Industrialist Aurelio Peccei and his Malthusian organisation, The Club of Rome. Peccei was the boss at Fiat, Olivetti as well as other companies and was the keynote speaker at the 3rd Davos event, at which he declared the true enemy of humanity was man itself. Come on a journey through time as we examine 3 articles related to Aurelio Peccei.

David Shaw and the Rise of Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos has spent decades creating a heroic backstory to the founding of Amazon. But when one investigates the truth behind the manipulated mythos, the narrative Bezos has had written into the history books quickly falls apart. This article will investigate the powerful company behind the creation of Amazon, an entity which predicted the internet revolution years before Tim Berners-Lee had even announced the creation of the World Wide Web.