Johnny Appeared in The Greatest Reset Documentary Out Now!

The Greatest Reset has been released and features Whitney Webb, Johnny Vedmore, Robert F Kennedy, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Robert Malone, G Edward Griffin and More.

NEWSHOUND #3 – The Past Future of Charles III – What Kind of Future Britain Awaits King Charles III

In this episode of NEWSHOUND @Johnny Vedmore investigates past predictions for the reign of King Charles III In this episode of NEWSHOUND, Johnny investigates some past predictions for the reign of King Charles III. First looking at a piece from 1981 in the Belfast Telegraph which covers the Royal wedding of Charles and Diana and which makes some correct predictions about the future state of the world.

The Kissinger Continuum: The Unauthorized History of the WEF’s Young Global Leader Program

The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program, Klaus Schwab’s supposed brainchild, is actually an almost exact replica of Henry Kissinger’s International Seminar that was originally run out of Harvard and was funded by the CIA. In this article, Johnny Vedmore investigates the people behind Kissinger’s International Seminar, the CIA conduits which funded the program, and Kissinger’s key role in the creation of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program itself.