Fungi Monkey Podcast #5 – Paul Cardin and Thatcher’s Falklands Theatre

In Episode #5 of the Fungi Monkey Podcast Johnny speaks to Paul Cardin about his new book Return to Bomb Alley 1952 - The Falklands Deception and they discuss the real reasons behind the Falklands War.

The Tim Westwood Experience

One of the most prominent BBC Radio One DJ’s of my generation is about to be exposed as a man who has groomed hundreds, maybe even thousands, of teenage girls - some reportedly below the legal age of consent - whilst he worked for the BBC. In another case echoing the actions of former BBC grandee Jimmy Savile, this is a case which may be the end of the BBC as we know it. But, for me, this also brings back personal memories of meeting this radio DJ three times during the period he was most prevalent. So, it’s time I tell you about my three meetings with the BBC Radio One DJ, Tim Westwood, and I’m sorry, but this is all going to get a little wild.   

Johnny Vedmore 101 – An Introduction to My Journalism

In 'An Introduction to the Work of Johnny Vedmore', Johnny will introduce you to some of his main journalistic efforts. Johnny's work is definitely not like the mainstream media's attempt at "journalism". Expect to go on an adventure through space and time, where you will learn previously unknown and sourced information about who some of the most powerful people in the world really are, their history, and often the story of their descendants.