NEWSHOUND #7 – Elon Musk’s Guide to Happiness – Zip2 the Top on the Net

In the 7th Episode of NEWSHOUND, Johnny explores Elon Musk's first successful internet venture. Zip2 was the leading online guide at the birth of the internet and netted Elon Musk more than 20 million when it was eventually sold.

Johnny Vedmore Walks Along the Abandoned Railway Tracks of Arica and Talks About Eating the Rich

Historically speaking, the rich have always ended up on the wrong end of the guillotine or a noose. This is because certain cycles keep repeating throughout history immemorial. There are cycles of war, cycles of revolution, cycles of political, and cycles of the rich being proverbially eaten by the disenfranchised masses they spurn. Johnny Vedmore talks about these repeating cycles in history and how, even though we may think we're different in respects to experiencing these kind of cycles, we're no different than the generations who came before.

The Death of Johnny Vedmore R.I.P. – The Santiago Tramp Attack – Audit Everything Global Edition

Johnny Vedmore is auditing abroad in the capital city of Chile, Santiago. During this very fruity police audit, Johnny encounters over 10 different police and some very angry and violent homeless people.

NEWSHOUND #6 – Herman Kahn’s Holocaust – Nuclear War Wouldn’t Destroy All The US, Just 40% Of It

In the 6th Edition of NEWSHOUND, Johnny Vedmore takes us through some of the fascinating and enlightening reporting on Herman Kahn between 1958 and 1976. Herman Kahn led the Hudson Institute think tank through the most important and precarious years of the Cold War. He and his team used game theory and other forms of futuristic modeling to predict the future of potential nuclear Armageddon.

Johnny & Monkey vs The Hidden Cop Circles of South Wales – Audit Everything with  @Johnny Vedmore 

Johnny and Monkey go to the source of pure evil in Pontypridd, the South Wales Police station. On the way they have a lovely stroll through the valleys town and discuss everything including the new monarch. There's not much action to be found in Pontypridd but the police parking is a very special and notable.