Johnny’s Data Diving Part 2: Henry A. Brown School & Philadelphia Police Fail to Respond to Abuse Allegations

It’s a horrible place to be. I had been gazing at the various titles of the films being shared by I.P. and I was sick to my stomach. Their username on the file sharing software that they were utilising was “Darkshadow”. I checked to see if I could locate the local internet exchange using the I.P. address. The results came back as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, postal code 19125. Darkshadow appeared to be a complete idiot. He was sharing films exclaiming the sexual involvement of children between the ages of 8 years old up to 16 years old. Some of the worst titles that one could conjure up were being shared alongside two documents revealing the identity of the man who owned the computer. One document was entitled “PDCertificate.pdf” and the other was named “John Humenik Jr.docx”. This is something which I’ve witnessed over and over again since I began hunting sex offenders; people sharing their CV’s alongside child abuse films and images. You really have to be as dumb as they come to do such a thing but there are plenty of dumb paedophiles in the world. I opened up the other document. It was a Philadelphia School’s District certificate also inscribed with the name John Humenik.

The titles you see on a paedophiles hard drive shared alongside personal information.

“This should be an easy case to take to the police.” I foolishly muttered to myself, cursing any possibility of a quick resolution. I looked at the CV of John Humenik Jr. It was notably short. It contained his name, his current address (with the same postal code as the I.P. address), his telephone numbers, his personal email and his official Philadelphia Schools District email address, and finally a very brief work history covering the previous 4 years. His only note about education was gaining a diploma from an unnamed “Roman Catholic High School”.

He was currently working with children! I almost fell off my seat as a sudden pulse of fear rushed up through my body, briefly causing me a single spasmodic episode. His current job duties straightened my spine with an urgent need for immediate action.

• 05/16 – Present: Special Education Classroom Assistant/1:1

Duties: Include physically assisting students with tasks like eating, using the bathroom, riding the bus and moving from one classroom to another. Also working with STAR Links 1:1 lesson plan’s as well as VB Map. Also taught Reading Mastery and Connect math Concept. Clean the classroom and prepare demonstrations or visual aids for specific lessons.

He is working 1 to 1 with extremely vulnerable children and his duties include helping the students use the bathroom. I searched for any record of a John Humenik working in the Philadelphia School District. I found him noted in the School Reform Commission’s official public meeting records dated January 21, 2016. On the 2nd page of Appendix 1A, on the ratification of new personnel appointments it states: HUMENIK, JOHN – STUDENT CLIMATE STAFF – 3 HOURS – BROWN, HENRY A. SCHOOL – 12/11/15 – $6,533.00 ANNUAL SALARY. This fits with the information on the downloaded CV that was being shared alongside child pornography.

I wrote up all the evidence I had, so it was simple to read and presentable, and I sent it to the Police Commissioner, the Philadelphia Police Department Tips and the Philly Police Public Affairs Department. I soon received a message back from the email postmaster stating :

“A custom mail flow rule created by an admin at has blocked your message.

This message wasn’t delivered because it’s too large. The limit is 15 MB. Please make it smaller and try sending it again.”

Okay, 15 MB’s in 2020 is ridiculous. Are they trying not to receive any evidence of crimes? The one picture I had included of Darkshadow’s shared folder was almost 12 MB’s. A 15 MB limit is crazy!

I read on to learn that I could contact the admin and ask them to raise the amount of data that they could receive. But the link to contact the admin was a dead link. So, I split the email into two like a clever fellow, but the computer knew exactly what I was doing and blocked my email again. Parts of the Philadelphia Police Department’s website are also inaccessible from a foreign country, even though many crimes are digital and global in our modern internet age. So, to satisfy all rule makers, both virtual and real, I again sent the information in a smaller portion to all of the intended recipients.

I waited for a couple of days and the entire time the thought of this guy looking after children was sending me up the wall. After I received no response, I went directly to Henry A. Brown Elementary’s Principal, Connie Carnivale. I messaged her a desperate plea for some sort of action to be taken but she didn’t reply. No one replied. I even contacted the Friends of Henry A. Brown but I was still met with complete silence. Had they even read anything that I had sent them?

A little research revealed that this wasn’t the first time that this kind of an accusation had been flung at a classroom assistant at Henry A. Brown. To quote a 26th July 2017 article on

“A former Philadelphia teacher’s aide who sent pornographic images to a 13-year-old boy has been sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for the attempted manufacture of child pornography and related charges. Quasim Patrick Cunningham, 31, of Philadelphia, was also ordered to serve 15 years of supervised release, register as a sex offender and pay $1,100 in special assessments, according to a judgment handed down by U.S. District Judge Paul Diamond of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.”

Quasim Cunningham had been arrested in 2014 after being caught grooming a 13 year old boy. He had most recently worked in the after-school program at the Henry A. Brown Elementary School. The school had seemingly replaced one sex offender with another.

Quasim Cunningham arrested whilst employed by Henry A. Brown Elementary School

How can I possibly turn my back on a case with no resolution? There are so many problems in the process of reporting digital sex offenders. One of the main reasons for the excessive complication is that the police don’t understand how to read the evidence.

It’s clear that many police globally don’t understand how parts of the internet work. We, as a society, are woefully unprepared for the digital world. I have gathered masses of evidence but reading that evidence and understanding what all the numbers and letters mean can seem complex, especially to a police officer with standard training. I’m using tools like Peer 2 Peer networks to gather evidence and most people don’t understand how that works.

How it works

I am searching one person’s computer at a time with their permission, via their shared folders. I know their I.P. address which can tell me which telephone/internet exchange they’re going through which can confirms the basic location of that PC/user. I search their hard drive for any suspect material and personal documentation. I do not view or download the pictures or the movies but I can see the titles and I take screenshots of the perpetrators shared folders. I download any documentation that is on that device which may identify the owner of the PC. These can include bills, scanned documents, payslips, bank statements, CV’s or other identifying documentation. These people are often sharing all of their personal information legally alongside child pornography. I am not hacking anyone. I’m not using any sinister computer back doors. I simply search a computer’s shared folders contents to identify its owner and its location.

I take screenshots and/or photos of those identifying documents being shared on that single I.P. address alongside likely child abuse images. I then give the evidence to the police. All the photos/screenshots, the folders of documentation and I can tell them the exact identity and location of the suspect. But the police don’t understand what I’ve done. They probably stare blankly into space and think that I’m just another loony on the internet. But I’m trying to help them catch the real loonies online.

I am able to say that a certain person has terrible things on their hard drive, here’s the evidence, here’s their phone number, address and further details, go check their PC and then arrest them. But they just don’t seem to understand that the I.P. address is simply the perpetrators virtual address and I’ve gone into their virtual home and taken pictures to show what crimes they’re committing, and then I’ve also grabbed some of their personal documents which identify them in the real world. All of the people whom I gather evidence from have given their permission to share their files, whether they realise it or not.

I sit here with folders full of information on various pedophiles globally, including some who are currently working with children, and I’m lost for direction. How can I make sure that the evidence I’ve gathered is fully understood by the police as speedily as possible?

I can’t even get some police forces, like the Philadelphia Police Department, to respond. I don’t have the funds to be calling all around the world for hours on end when I can barely afford to feed myself properly. This is the way society is starting to look. It appears as though you can report a pedophile easily, but in practice there are many safeguards in place that seem to protect child predators.

So, this is it. I’m going to have to start publishing my evidence however uncomfortable it is for those concerned. And I have a message for Philadelphia. Your police, your schools, and your government seem to be purposefully ignoring child abuse. Your state institutions are riddled with opportunist sexual predators and those who enable the sexual abuse of children by doing nothing when the abuse is revealed to them. The inaction and silence is deafening; so you should begin making as much noise as you can. Start by making that noise directly at Henry A. Brown Elementary School and the Philadelphia Police Department and don’t stop, because the child abusers don’t intend on stopping what they’re doing.

In fact we must all make a decision. You can either protect the human rights of a child predator, or protect the human rights of a child, you can’t do both and there’s only one correct answer. We need to come to terms with the fact that reintroducing child sexual predators back into society is enabling child abuse. We must find an ethical way to permanently remove pedophiles from civilised society.