Ghislaine Maxwell, Sarah Kellen, Madonna, and Rosie O’Donnell

On a background of a red flag with yellow stars, Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen are captured by photographer Patrick McMullen at an extremely exclusive event in New York. The photograph will be used again and again on articles all over the globe covering Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and their gang of child trafficking pedophile helpers and enablers. But how much do you know about a photo that you’ve seen over and over? Let me provide you with a little context to understand what you are actually looking at.

The photograph in question was taken on 7 June 2005, around the time that the Palm Beach Police first began officially investigating Jeffrey Epstein. The location of the photograph was the Bergdorf Goodman, a luxury department store based on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. There would be lots of trendy people turning up for the event that evening to celebrate the big book launch. It was the last of five children’s books which had been written by one of the most famous women to walk the Earth.

Former Warner Bros. Chairman and CEO Tom Whalley was present, Matt Lauer and his wife Annette had shown up for the affair. Magician David Copperfield, actor John Leguizamo, music producers Damon Dash and Guy Oseary had also brought their children and partners along to this swanky Manhattan department store. TV hosts, New York socialites, and fashion designers were all turning up to celebrate a celebrity’s children’s book.

And of course, before I mention the star of the show, I should also say that Rosie O’Donnell was present. She was the entertainment for the evening if you would believe such a frightening prospect. But it wouldn’t be the adults who Rosie O’Donnell would be entertaining, that would be just pure madness, instead Rosie’s here to keep all the children under control. The host was Nicholas Callaway of Callaway Editions, who would speak to the children before the event. He would then introduce the former queen of pop, Madonna.

Yes, Madonna had finished writing children’s books, five in all, which were based on some of the teachings of the Kabbalah, a form of Jewish mysticism described by experts as “Judaism on steroids”. Madonna had hosted a few events like this one over the two years previously. In 2003 she had released the first three books in her Kabbalah children’s series: The English Roses, Mr. Peabody’s Apples, and Yakov and the Seven Thieves. In 2004 she would release The Adventures of Abdi and in 2005 the book Lotsa de Casha rounded off the series. The event which we are examining is the launch party for the last book, Lotsa de Casha.

Outside the building there is a short line of extremely passionate Madonna fans kept back by railings. There is very tight security generally and five professional photographers present: Frank Micelotta was mainly inside the venue, Eva Agostini was mostly taking pics outside, with Kevin Mazur, Gregory Pace, and Patrick McMullan also roaming the event. There would be no way to gain access to this event unless you were invited and sneaking in would be almost impossible with all the snappers eagerly waiting for the arrival of any big names.

Book sales for the evening would be donated to UNICEF and the event was the last part of a two day publicity drive in New York. The day before, Madonna had read her masterpiece to children at Northside Center for Child Development and would go on to host about 20 children from Public School 191. The children at the evening event seem to have had a lovely time. They ran backwards and forwards while being comically chased by Rosie O’Donnell and everything seemed picturesque and perfect. What could be better than a swanky soiree with Madonna, Rosie O’Donnell, some of the most charming of the New York upper class, music professionals, TV personalities, a hundred or so children, and two professional child traffickers?

Who did invite the pedophile child trafficker anyway?

And now we’re back at the beginning and to the very small nub of this rather short article. That picture that you’ve seen over and over. Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen were, at the time that photo was taken, working as child traffickers for a billionaire pervert. What were they doing at an event filled with young children? Is this what being a socialite looks like, or is this what being a child trafficker looks like? I ask because I seriously can’t tell the difference in this instance.

Ghislaine Maxwell is a pedophile and that comes from a place in her childhood that we may never learn about or understand. At some point Maxwell’s psycho-sexual development was completely fractured and regular people are often unable to understand what that has created in reality. Maxwell puts herself in situations where she can offend, she molests children, she destroys people’s mental health and in doing so helps create continuous dysfunctionality throughout a victim’s life. She places a veil of shame and guilt across the face of those vulnerable people who she preys upon; a veil that can never be lifted fully. She uses all her skills to manipulate her target and she is obviously very good at what she does.

Ghislaine Maxwell goes through this process to destroy peoples lives, especially young girls. And the more you study her past, the more you can see that she’s actually trying to destroy herself as a child. Maybe even Ghislaine herself knows the real reasons why she is treading this path. But if you let her, Ghislaine Maxwell would continue to do terrible things to young girls and people like that can never be rehabilitated.

So next time you see that picture of Ghislaine Maxwell and Sarah Kellen (now Sarah Kellen Vickers) you’ll know its real story. It’s two child traffickers at an event full of children, during a period where they were brazen in their illicit activities. There are loads of pictures out there that you may think you know, but behind every image is another set of stories. Once all those many stories are collated, they will supply us with many answers.

And this brings us to a little challenge for all the researchers and investigators who are just beginning to learn the trade, or people who have never even thought they could do this type of thing. Find a photo that you know very well and tell its story. Not only who’s in the picture but also where they are, what they were doing before and after, who else was present, who took the picture, even go find out what the headlines were on that day. You can go as deep as you can manage, down any tunnel you can dig, and you will come out of it with many stories, some worthless and others of great significance. Following a simple process like that can teach you many new skills and it’s a very good place to start for a newcomer. Some pictures will conceal short stories, while others will deliver grand epics, who knows what you may find down your own rabbit hole?