One Flew Over the Cuckold Press: A Lifetime of Fake News Backfires!

The big mainstream media organisations and all of their many collaborators are in imminent danger. The many years of spinning and falsifying news stories for the police, national intelligence services, big corporations, and the various western governments, have caught up with them. Most of the so-called “professional journalists” today are little more than parrots repeating the official establishment lines and avoiding conflict with any official body by complying with all their wishes without any questions asked.

There are provable media conspiracies happening all around us. The evidence in the Madeline McCann case is being heavily censored to stop anyone questioning Kate and Gerry McCann, the BBC assisted in faking a chemical attack in Syria to force illegal military interventions, the mainstream media kept Epstein out of the news for well over a decade to protect elite pedophile rings, as well as the many other brazen crimes that these corrupt media organisations have committed to keep this cut throat capitalist system afloat, even if it results in dead babies and mass-murder. Now that the majority of the public seem to know that the mainstream media has been lying to them since their inception, it’s important that we hold them to account and designate them equal culpability, as we should do with the other cheats, fakers, and warmongers for the deadly consequences of their actions.

Big media organisations can’t report from protests or riots. Why? It’s not only because the corrupt establishment, that they’ve created and supported, will attack them if they do – the police now target journalists with the same level of violence as they do with peaceful protesters. But it’s also due to the protesters and rioters not being as naive as the generations who came before them. They know that this system of violent oppression has only been made possible because of the betrayal of the mainstream press. As soon as the police start popping off tear gas, pepper balls, and rubber bullets, the protesters and the mainstream media are no longer on the same side. News crews need security teams to evacuate them when their legitimacy disappears along with the violent actions of their authoritarian allies.

I watched the second night of protests, riots, and looting in Minnesota carefully following the public execution of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin. I was able to see inside the action by viewing it on an independent media stream brought to me via Unicorn Riot. The coverage was intense and personal and, because the brave journalists were not mainstream media assets, they were able to interview people inside the chaos. There were no CNN, BBC, NBC, Fox, or any other mainstream media team present at the scene. After the protesters and rioters had gone home in the morning, the police and mainstream media moved in. They even publicly arrested a black CNN reporter in a bid to convince their viewers that the media team had been present all night, but it was just a publicity stunt. Within days there was a protest outside a CNN building that would almost turn violent.

The mainstream media companies are finished. Their ratings are dropping, their lies are transparent, their managerial teams are riddled with corporate and intelligence connected yes men, it’s over. They made their intentions perfectly clear by their previous actions and now they stand on the edge of a societal revolution which sees through them as the fakes and fraudsters that they have always been.

A Lifetime of Fake News: What to Believe?

I’ve been fed fake news all through my life. From 1980 onward, I would sit in front of a rectangular tube and listen carefully to everything that the presenters had to say. As with any innocent child, I thought that they were put there by trustworthy people to tell us all the truth. When I was four years-old, BBC’s news reporters were still warning of the threat posed to our peaceful society from the USSR. The British Broadcasting Corporation portrayed Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher as our champions fighting for freedom and peace in the world. The miners, some of who I shared the land of South Wales with, were shown to be violent and lazy socialists who were best beaten with batons by policemen on horseback. Out on the streets of Cardiff, I would see the local homeless people encircled by policemen. The officers would kick, punch, and spit on the defenceless tramps to get them out of the city centre; it was all for their own good. The British state media would tell us all that there was no hurricane winds approaching Britain, the night before the hurricane hit. Nelson Mandela was a dangerous terrorist who should remain in jail on Robin Island.

The TV news channels and the UK print press would inform me that the 96 men, women, and children who died at Hillsborough were killed because of the reckless behaviour of the Liverpool football fans. The police who were involved were completely free from any blame. The mainstream news reported that babies were being pulled out of incubation pods and beaten to death by Iraqi soldiers. They would tell us how Lynette White was decapitated by a group of murderous black men in the Butetown area of my city. The BBC would tell me that it was too dangerous for me to hear the voice of the leader of Sinn Fein in Ireland. If I was to hear the actual recorded voice of the ex-IRA man then I might actually catch terrorism from him as though it was an infection transmissible by sound. If that isn’t bad enough, the same corporation would spend the first thirty years of my life telling me that a pedophile called Jimmy Savile was ‘a man of the people’, not to even mention the then glorified Rolf Harris and other BBC pedophiles.

Single mothers were apparently the reason for all of Britain’s woes according to the 1990s British government propaganda pumped out on every channel. All vaccinations were declared safe, HIV was only infecting gay men, global warming will see the majority of the UK’s coastline completely sunk by 2020, Thatcher never spoke to the IRA, Robert Maxwell’s death was accidental, the Columbine school shootings were organised and carried out by two teenage boys, Princess Diana’s death was an untimely tragedy; all of these were news stories riddled with holes. The 11 September 2001 attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York were carried out by sinister terrorist masterminds who lived in caves. The CIA, the Israeli Mossad, the Pakistani ISI, and Saudi Arabia had nothing to do with the attacks; even though all of the available evidence pointed to them orchestrating the entire event. Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were 45 minutes away from attacking the United Kingdom; we have no choice but to go to war. These were all examples of fake news and the mainstream media were on the front-line propagating the faux information to manufacture consent for war.

Faked terrorist attacks, nearly all organised by western intelligence agencies, were becoming weekly events. The FBI had become the biggest recruiter of domestic terrorists in the USA, yet this didn’t make the news. Madeline McCann was abducted and there was no need for the Metropolitan Police to question her parents, regardless of the overwhelming evidence that she had died inside of their rented Portuguese holiday apartment. Julian Assange is dangerous and he’s a threat to civilized society, Round-up doesn’t cause cancer and lets not even talk about Jeffrey Epstein until nearly 15 years after his initial arrest. The BBC tried to cover up and conceal all of the Jimmy Savile revelations before being caught out. He abused and raped well over 500 children during his time at the BBC.

After 2010/2011, the BBC capitulated to Israeli lobby groups and stopped reporting the plight of the Palestinian people almost entirely. The news department, under the management of then UK Chancellor George Osborne’s best friend, James Harding, became rife with fake news. The British public media corporation and the ruling Conservative Party were almost indistinguishable from each other. The BBC were riddled with ex Rupert Murdoch employees and the public institution no longer adhered to the principals set down in its charter. The BBC would take part in intelligence operations in places like Duma to try and force further military interventions in Syria. Literally attempting to cause acts of aggression between nation states by helping to fake a chemical attack; this is in an actual war crime, but not the first or last that the BBC will be involved in. Skripal, the Manchester bombing, 5G, Coronavirus, how can we believe anything that the government and their mainstream media cohorts have to say? All these events are proving to be manipulated or completely fabricated on behalf of security services and corporations.

There are truths that you must understand about our numerous crooked power structures which are currently controlled by the wealthy and corrupt. The system cannot function without the media pumping out misinformation. If the mainstream media told you the truth then our political systems would collapse in on themselves. These wealthy individuals pulling the levers would become completely exposed. Our western world would change forever because people would be so utterly repulsed by what is really happening behind the proverbial curtain.

March on the Media Organisations Together

Stand next to me for what’s to come, shoulder to shoulder, dressed alike with shields either side of us. We’re about to watch the world change and it’ll never return to the same black and white in which we’re currently been held captive. You don’t have to fight, you are simply required to stand firm as our many enemies draw closer. I don’t need to know your name to defend your right to speak, I don’t need to see evidence of your good deeds whilst we’re standing against a common foe.

Do you like flames? You’re going to have to learn to live with a fire reflecting in every iris. Your governments have cut your communities security to the bone and now there are only enough police to protect the masters and not the slaves. They’re leaving you to the wolves, they don’t care for people like us who they perceive as carrying bad genetics. I care about you. You may think that’s impossible, after all, what evidence is there that we as a society have any compassion left? But I do care for you.

I don’t want us to have to stare into the abyss together like this. In fact, I’d prefer if we’d never met to begin with. I want to make my music and leave you to achieve your own goals and dreams. But we’re here now, and seeing as we’re surrounded by thick dark smoke, we may as well make some noise. Through the haze you may see the police lined up in their PPE, they’re trained to see you as animals rather than legitimate protesters. They’re going to try and corner you and force you to submit but you shouldn’t be afraid of them. They’ll lose their will quicker than we’ll lose ours.

Now that you can see the police in their uniforms, you can probably also make out the plain-clothed police instigators? They’re on both sides. You have police instigators in among the peaceful protesters, they cause most of the violence you can see. They have earpieces sneakily covered by hats, they systematically break every window they can reach, and then their allies, who make up the other side of the protest lines, have an excuse to respond.

This will all happen to the backdrop of burning shops that you’d usually use daily. Your favourite restaurants, grocers, clothing outlets, and tech stores will be looted by the opportunists and the buildings will be left to be gutted by fire as they flee. You’ll find that it’s safer to be on the side of the people, the police will beat your legs if you dare venture their way. They will push people over, shove people down, and beat innocents until blood is spilled, this is just the way of things now.

No single person will benefit from their neighbourhoods commercial hubs being burnt to the ground. This will be one of those times where everybody loses a little. Some may gain a new tablet or a smart phone but will give away a little bit of their integrity. They’ve had a chance to fight for their communities and instead they’ve chosen to gain personally. Scattered ranks of rioters will pulse with confidence as they burn the cars which have been parked in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stones will be thrown at the police lines as poorly made Molotov Cocktails create small carpets of fire a few hundred yards from the police riot shields.

People may die tonight; some guilty and some innocent. Where there’s violence, highly strung police officers, and buildings aflame, there will also be people who will lose their lives. People all around us will chant the names of the recently fallen. They will scream well known phrases that shame the previous criminal actions of the ruling authorities. Whatever country we’re located in will have their own martyrs to the cause of peace and liberty, as well as more common global motif’s.

However, we achieve little by destroying our own neighbourhoods. The big media companies will be twisting every action to force the authorities into widespread crackdowns. But if the mainstream media was to be the focus of all of our protests then that might break this sinister cycle of control. And we’re almost there. People have realised how important a tool the constant flow of political propaganda has been in deceiving our societies. Pulsing peaceful protests targeting the leading mainstream news organisations will be what forces real change. The establishment cannot function without their press cohorts manufacturing consent, so let us divide and conquer.