The Conservative Hippie Podcast: Johnny Vedmore – Forged by Fire

Johnny appeared on The Conservative Hippie Podcast hosted by Jay Fratt to talk about his life, motivations, and his investigations.

Jay’s Synopsis of the Episode:

EP-079 Johnny Vedmore – Forged by Fire

Information is easy to find. There is a firehose of information constantly flowing. But within this firehose of information is a limitless supply of misinformation, propaganda, and nonsense. It takes skill and tenacity to sift through this powerful stream to find the best sources and most relevant pieces of information available.

Johnny Vedmore caught my eye years ago because he was writing about the people I knew existed, but nobody ever wrote about.

But he isn’t a pundit, a bullshitter, or a grifter. I found Johnny to be a fairly shy humble person when I began an acquaintanceship with him. He has an obsessive personality. And he currently channels that obsession into his work researching some of the shadowy characters at the top of the economic and social pyramid.

The first half of the interview is the story of Johnny, and how he came to be a societal outlier of journalistic integrity. The second half dives into the global web of corruption created by the elite technocracy.

How often have you wondered about the many people associated with Jeffery Epstein who avoid public notoriety? Johnny found one of the most fascinating characters during his research. His detailed report on the “Bond Girl” put Johnny on the journalistic map with a giant flag pole firmly thrust into the ground.

He specifically told me not to use her name in my web production material. Click here to read about the real life Bond Girl.

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