Fungi Monkey Podcast #4 – Micah Dank’s Biblical Planetarium

Is the Bible Really a Farmers Almanac?

On the fourth episode of the Fungi Monkey Podcast, Johnny Vedmore speaks with Micah Dank about his theory that the Bible is a misunderstood “Farmers Alamanac”. Micah Dank has written six books on the subject and has a deep knowledge and passion for the subject. In this episode, Micah presents his theory through a simple presentation which is a fantastic crash course to the universe according to Micah Dank and his Astrotheological beliefs. Everyone will find something interesting in this episode, it is a lot of information and I hope to follow up this conversation later to explore what Micah believes his findings mean for wider society, and how this knowledge has become central to the actions of the elite secret societies of the world. You can find Micah Dank on:

Twitter – @RealMisterDank

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Profile –… say: “Beneath the Veil is the first book in a 6 books series Into the Rabbit Hole, that proves that love and humor may not be the answer, but that without these variables there is no worthy solution to any challenging problem or improbable situation.” Book – Beneath the Veil (Into the Rabbit Hole) on Amazon…

Dank Links: Lots of Further reading into Micah Dank’s work, with many rabbit holes for those who want to know more.