Johnny Talks Schwab’s CIA Training on Geopolitics & Empire

Johnny Vedmore: Is WEF a CIA-backed Creation with Goal of World Government?

<Show Notes> Johnny Vedmore discusses the CIA roots of the World Economic Forum which began at a Harvard “International Seminar”. It’s focus was to bring Europe and America into supranational union and was originally called the European Management Forum. He believes nuclear war planners like Herman Kahn concluded it would never come to Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) and instead, the threat of thermonuclear war was used to scare populations into advancing elite agendas. He discusses their plan of subverting democracy by training only a certain group in society as potential leaders. Schwab then made the pivot toward the Green Agenda thanks to the Club of Rome. He believes WEF is reaching its maximum level of expansion before its inevitable collapse because you cannot make everyone a globalist. (Watch on RokFin)