We’ve Been Auditing Police Stations

Monkey and Johnny have been out and about auditing police stations recently, covering three Police Stations in Roath, Rumney and Cardiff Bay. Police auditing is about holding the police to account for their interactions with the public who they’re sworn to serve. With that oath come a great responsibility and they are afforded life changing powers in return for swearing their oaths.

Clip from the Clifton Street Police Station Audit in Roath. A man tries to kick in the door of the police station.

Public photography is not a crime, yet the police still act like it is. At the same time, the United Kingdom has become the country on Earth with the most active and wide ranging police surveillance activity. To remedy the current imbalance of power, and also to raise awareness that public photography is not a crime, we turn the camera back around on the authorities, something that they don’t often appreciate.

Come see what it’s all about.

Roath Police Station Audit

Rumney Police Station Audit

Cardiff Bay Police Station Audit