Johnny Appeared in The Greatest Reset Documentary Out Now!

Klaus Schwab’s Father & His Nazi Model Company with @Johnny Vedmore #TheGreatestReset Documentary

Here @Johnny Vedmore talks about Klaus Schwab’s father, Eugen Schwab, who was the Managing Director of the Ravensberg Escher Wyss factory during WWII. Schwab’s Model Nazi Company manufactured flamethrowers, submarine parts & equipment for enriching uranium to aid the Nazi atomic bomb program. You can watch the Greatest Reset for free at GreatestReset.Movie

Whitney Webb & Robert F Kennedy Talk About Dark Winter on The Greatest Reset Documentary #anthrax

Whitney Webb and Robert F Kennedy talk about the Dark Winter simulation on the TruNews documentary.

Dr Peter McCullough Speaks About the Malfeasance Committed During Covid-19 #TheGreatestReset

In this clip Dr Peter McCullough MD talks about how COVID-19 was handled:

• “Play defence with contagion control”

• “Allow the deaths to basically happen because we haven’t treated the virus early”

• “And then it becomes clear what the game plan is. Wait for mass vaccination.”

G Edward Griffin Speaks About the Rise of the New World Order on the Greatest Reset Feat Rosa Koire

The legendary @GEdward_Griffin speaks about the rise of the New World Order: “It’s already here, it’s just that it’s being built, brick-by-brick, around us everyday & we don’t recognise it.” The late Rosa Koire also appeared in the documentary a few weeks before her passing.

You can watch the TruNews Documentary – The Greatest Reset: Beast Rising for free at GreatestReset.Movie

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