Johnny Was On The Fair Food Forager & Friends Show (Part 1)

#71 Johnny Vedmore – Investigative Journalist – From Henry Kissinger to Jeremy Farrar, the people behind everything.

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Show Notes from Fair Food Forager:

His memory of names, roles and dates is unmatched, highlighting the hours of research and deep diving into the lives, plans, scams and corruption of the most powerful people in the world. If he can’t find evidence of his claims he leaves them out.

You will find this discussion both scary and amazing, the things that deep down we all know, yet don’t want to believe are dug up, time lined and explained as we navigate our way through these crazy times. Times that have been in the planning for decades with the leaders chosen by the invisible people.

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Johnny Vedmore is an independent investigative journalist, researcher, musician, police auditor and activist from Cardiff, Wales. He writes on Whitney Webb’s UnlimitedHangout as well as his own sites and

Johnny’s work focusses on investigating the wealthy and elite movers and shakers in the world and their hidden histories. His seminal pieces reveal the previously unknown history of the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab, his fathers links to the Nazi atomic bomb program, Klaus’s own involvement in nuclear proliferation, as well as the CIA funded training of Klaus Schwab via Kissinger’s International Seminar at Harvard, and much more. 

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