Black Hand #1 – A Song For Esmeralda

How the death of the Queen of Night Clubs in London triggered a series of events that would later lead to the downfall of the British Government.

Esmeralda Gullan, also known as Esmeralda Noel Smith, was a talented young starlet who was beginning to become famous before the outbreak of World War II. After the war, she became a strong and powerful business woman and, by 1955, Esme had created four unique establishments in and around Knightsbridge, Mayfair, and Belgravia including the notorious London night club, Esmeralda’s Barn.

However, Esme Gullan’s life soon came to a tragic end. After her death, her beloved Esmeralda’s Barn would fall into the hands of such infamous London gangsters as the Kray twins and Billy Hill via a self-confessed Satanist named Horace Dibben. The latter was the intelligence-linked husband of Mariella Novotny, who played a central role in the Profumo Affair, leading to the downfall of the British government and the alleged blackmail of then-president-elect John F. Kennedy. Song for Esmeralda is the first instalment of a multi-part series that uncovers the deeper, previously unreported stories that go both behind and beyond the Profumo Affair. <Read on Unlimited Hangout>

You can also follow Johnny around London as he hunts down the actual locations included within the article: