Black Hand #2 – The London Night Club Trap

How a slew of dead and missing women preceded the take over of elite London night clubs by intelligence-linked gangsters.

In the previous instalment of this series, we examined the tragic death of Esmeralda Gullan, the founder of Esmeralda’s Barn, a night club located in an affluent part of London’s West End. However, Esmeralda was not the only female night club owner or hostess to be found dead or dying during this period. In fact, as we are about to discover, she was just one of a collection of inter-connected women who were involved in night club management and whose deaths were ruled as accidental or as suicides around the same time. <Read the full article on Unlimited Hangout>

You can also explore the newspaper archives with Johnny on NEWSHOUND!

@JohnnyVedmore takes you on a journey through space and time again in this special edition NEWSHOUND! In this episode we examine the deaths of various night club girls over a period of just over a year. Johnny takes a look at the deaths of Esmeralda Gullan (Noel Smith), Barbara Knox-Marsh (Littler), (Gladys) Linda Justice, Pamela Gales, Janet Curtis Bennett and Ruth Ellis.

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