NEWSHOUND #17 – BBC Damage Control 101

The BBC are scrambling to minimize the damage. The serious allegations of the rape of young girls are mounting up against another of their former-BBC Radio DJ Tim Westwood leading to the Guardian and BBC teamed up to carefully expose their own former-employee in the quietiest manner possible.

After a few wet fart documentaries which have barely increased the pressure on the beleagured Westwood, and after a few wet fart articles have been released, Westwood is still not facing prosecution, for the time being at least. The BBC and Guardian cover up crews have also held a conference last year at the Centre for Investigative Journalism under the “Chatham House Rule” which puts restrictions on others when reporting what was discussed at the conference. The problem for the BBC is this story will blow up eventually. And when it does, there actions will be deemed as not enough. NB: I mention clucking like chickens and slapping each other across the face, but we may have actually been barking like dogs rather than clucking like chickens. Come with @JohnnyVedmore as he investigates the incestuous relationship between BBC News and the BBC on another journey through space and time!

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