The NEWSPASTE Podcast – Boerner After Reading

The first episode of the NEWSPASTE Podcast is here and it’s an important one!

When Eric Jon Boerner decided to run for the Republican nomination for the 2024 US presidential campaign, he needed a good man to help him form his campaign. Jay Fratt has a vision of the future similar to Boerner, with both men trying to find alternative ways, sometimes unexpected, to tackle the biggest issues concerning America both domestically and abroad.

Although Eric Jon Boerner is a Technocrat, or “Technologist in Chief” as his campaign manager refers to him, Jay has been kind enough to reach across the aisle for a well needed conversation with Johnny Vedmore on the NEWSPASTE Podcast.

Find more about Jay Fratt at The Conservative Hippy Podcast where you can also find a show specifically about Eric Jon Boerner.

And find out about Eric Jon Boerner’s campaign to be president at BOERNER ADMINISTRATION PRESIDENTIAL POLICIES and at (the later site is only available in the US). you can see more at Eric Boerner’s official presidential campaign YouTube channel as well by following Jay on the Boerner campaign trail.

You can listen below, or you can find the NEWSPASTE Podcast on Spotify, ITunes, Podbean, iHeartRadio, PlayerFM, Podchaser, and BoomPlay.

Iain Davis – Writing Down Our Children’s Future The NEWSPASTE Podcast

Iain Davis is a prolific independent writer and researcher who tackles some of the most important subjects covered in the independent media. He has written for many sites including UK Column and Unlimited Hangout and is also a published author. In this episode of the NEWSPASTE Podcast, Johnny Vedmore discusses a range of topics with Iain Davis, including experimentation on school age children, the redefining of systems, the road to becoming a writer and a history of care. You can find Iain Davis at and you'll find him Tweeting at Support the indie media! For more, go to
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