The Murder of Stanley Setty Part 2: Confessions of a Dangerous Man

By Johnny Vedmore via NEWSPASTE OriginalsRead Part 1 Here

Stanley Setty is dead and buried, but officially his murder is still unsolved. Brian Donald Hume had been sent to prison for disposing of Setty’s corpse while simultaneously being acquitted of his savage murder. However, Hume was planning his return to the limelight with a bold public confession to the murder of Stanley Setty and it was only a matter of time before the murderous Hume would strike again.

Brian Donald Hume had become akin to a superstar and he had kept himself busy by writing down his own story. Hume clearly harboured an abundance of bitterness and was eager to settle some personal business while he was still the centre of attention publicly. After he was placed in jail, interviews that Hume gave to the press became full to the brim with reasons why people should be sympathetic towards him. Almost immediately after his conviction for disposing of Setty’s corpse, the Sunday Pictorial struck a deal with Hume to start telling his story under the headline, ‘The Astonishing Revelations of Hume’, saying:

“What has Hume got to tell? His is the story of an orphanage boy who could not forget his early hardships and frustrations. The illegitimate son of a schoolmistress, and nephew of one of Britain’s greatest scientists, he nursed a grievance against the world for denying him the opportunities he felt should have been his.”

The article goes on to explain that Hume had once become a member of the Communist Party in Great Britain and that he was drawn into London’s shadowy underworld after being invalided out of the RAF in 1941. The piece also reveals that Brian Hume had been planning to escape from Brixton Prison with a band of fellow prisoners who were being housed alongside him in the hospital wing of the prison.

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