Lindsey Scharmyn – Healing the Rogue Within

Lindsey Scharmyn is a woman of many talents and is a very interesting person with whom to delve into the real, the unreal, and the mystical.

With such books as ‘Trinity Genesis’, The Key of Transformational Healing, and Sine Curve of Aeons, Lindsey has delved deep into researching the innermost functions of the mind, body and soul.

However, Lyndsey Scharmyn is more than just the sum of her parts. Her intellect is fascinating. Something we’ll explore on this edition of the NEWSPASTE Podcast.

Find the many strings of Lyndsey Scharmyn’s many bows at her linktree of many branches. Or follow her on Twitter, TikTok, or Instagram or the like. Go to her homepage at to discover more.

Iain Davis – Writing Down Our Children’s Future The NEWSPASTE Podcast

Iain Davis is a prolific independent writer and researcher who tackles some of the most important subjects covered in the independent media. He has written for many sites including UK Column and Unlimited Hangout and is also a published author. In this episode of the NEWSPASTE Podcast, Johnny Vedmore discusses a range of topics with Iain Davis, including experimentation on school age children, the redefining of systems, the road to becoming a writer and a history of care. You can find Iain Davis at and you'll find him Tweeting at Support the indie media! For more, go to
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