Epstein 101: Coercion and Abuse

by Johnny Vedmore via NEWSPASTE Original

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell created a unique sex trafficking operation which had varying facets. Alongside grooming children and young women, the duo also groomed a small gang of pedophile enablers, criminal collaborators and brainwashed victims to work with them. This collective, regardless of how they originally entered into the enterprise, helped to lure unsuspecting targets into a heavily controlled environment built upon coercion and abuse.

Alongside the more willing associates, many of the Epstein and Maxwell’s accomplices had originally started out as victims of these expert predators. After these unfortunate targets had been brought into the fold, they soon began to be groomed for their specific roles within the enterprise. Many of the people who aligned themselves with Epstein and Maxwell had been through a similar grooming process themselves. This included the normalization of behavior which would on any other occasion be seen as unacceptable, the main difference is that adults are expected to understand and recognize such behavior.

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