NEWSHOUND #4 – The Club of Rome & Aurelio Peccei – Worrying About The Way The World Is Shaping

In this episode of NEWSHOUND  @Johnny Vedmore  delves into the British Newspaper Archives for the first mentions of Italian Industrialist Aurelio Peccei and his Malthusian organisation, The Club of Rome. Peccei was the boss at Fiat, Olivetti as well as other companies and was the keynote speaker at the 3rd Davos event, at which he declared the true enemy of humanity was man itself. Come on a journey through time as we examine 3 articles related to Aurelio Peccei.

Prefer to watch on an independent platform? Come over to RokFin:

Click the image to watch the content on RokFin–The-Club-of-Rome–Aurelio-Peccei–Worrying-About-The-Way-The-World-Is-Shaping

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