NEWSHOUND #6 – Herman Kahn’s Holocaust

In the 6th Edition of NEWSHOUND, Johnny Vedmore takes us through some of the fascinating and enlightening reporting on Herman Kahn between 1958 and 1976. Herman Kahn led the Hudson Institute think tank through the most important and precarious years of the Cold War. He and his team used game theory and other forms of futuristic modeling to predict the future of potential nuclear Armageddon.

He eventually worked for the US State Dept. between 1966-1968, where he used all his accrued knowledge of potential nuclear holocaust to directly influence American foreign policy, but Kahn didn’t stop there. Henry Kissinger introduced Kahn and Galbraith to a young Klaus Schwab who had been an attendee of Kissinger’s International Seminar at Harvard, a CIA funded program setup to train up American aligned potential Young Global Leaders through Harvard, who were to be installed into power in Europe as a defense to potential Soviet infiltration.

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Herman Kahn and John Kenneth Galbraith returned to Europe with Schwab to encourage other leaders of business, politics and civil society to become involved with the creation of the World Economic Forum. Kahn sat center stage at the first ever Davos and his influence on a young Klaus Schwab can not be understated.

In this episode of NEWSHOUND, we see the evolution of Herman Kahn’s views, some which are authoritarian, and we study the influence he had on the nuclear debate.

Come on a journey through time with Johnny Vedmore and NEWSHOUND.

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