Black Hand #4 – A Match Made in Hell

How the satanic-themed sex parties of Horace Dibben helped collapse the British government.

At the height of the Cold War, in a country experiencing the final throes of a post-war economic boom, one strange man went on to play a central role in a scandal that brought down the British government. In a master class of how to get away with grand espionage, Hod Dibben coasted through danger seemingly without any fear. The night clubs of London, which have been the focus of our attention so far, are all under new ownership after a series of tragic deaths of their previous owners and hostesses. As always, with anything Horace Dibben did during this period, elite sex parties and sadomasochistic orgies were a key part of what would eventually develop into the Profumo Affair. <Read on Unlimited Hangout>

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Mariella Capes AKA Mariella Novotny is one of the vixens responsible for the downfall of the British government. At 17 years old she was working as a nude dancer in a cabaret show in London. Soon she would become Hod Dibben’s wife. Discover more than you knew yesterday concerning the people behind the Profumo Affair.

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