NEWSHOUND #16 – The Original Jeffrey Epstein is Out Now!

@JohnnyVedmore takes you on a journey through space and time again in this special edition NEWSHOUND! In this episode we examine the source material behind Black Hand #5 Jeffrey Epstein wasn’t a one of a kind figure. There are many people throughout history who echo the behaviours and charecteristics of people from a different era.

George Huntington Hartford II was the original Jeffrey Epstein, or at least that’s what  @JohnnyVedmore  posits in his fifth of the Black Hand series which was released on Unlimited Hangout. George Huntington Hartford II loved elite sex parties, two way mirrors and partying. He was also friends with Richard Nixon, Charlie Chaplin and Horace Dibben. In fact, Hod Dibben attempted to set Mariella Capes/Novotny up with Huntington Hartford when she was eighteen. Huntington Hartford refused, she was too old for him, he liked them “prime”

You can read the Black Hand series as they’re released at

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Come on a journey through time with Johnny Vedmore and NEWSHOUND.