Porton Down’s Ideological Cloud: The Toxic Secret Experiments on Millions of British People

For over a century, Porton Down has been the headquarters for Britain’s chemical and biological weapons programs. During that 100 years, the scientists at the facility have murdered, maimed, and silenced countless humans during experiments akin to those committed in the death camps of Nazi Germany. Now, as the Fourth Industrial Revolution begins to kick into gear, we should all take account of the past disasters and demand a different, more positive, future.

I’m going to tell you a lot of information that you should already know. However, when one starts researching the subject of this investigation, Porton Down’s chemical and biological weapons programs, one will soon realise that so much of the information has been carefully managed by entities in the employ of the UK Ministry of Defence. Porton Down scientists have been responsible for the murder of UK citizens, they have committed mass indiscriminate human experimentation with toxic materials, they’ve been responsible for miscarriages, premature deaths, birth defects, and ill health of almost every description. The organisation has ignored chemical weapons conventions, worked on offensive chemical weapons in secret, and have launched widespread chemical attacks on the British people from aircraft, auto-mobiles, and ships. Their publicized mission at one point: to see if they could spray the entire country with toxic chemicals in just a few hours. This out of control facility has never been truly reigned in, or held to account for their past actions, with survivors of their human experimentation left to die in secret, with no support, no compensation for their injuries, and not even any acknowledgment.

The history of Porton Down is truly shocking and we will look at the events the facility doesn’t want you to know about, rather than issues like Anthrax Island, and some other of the more stage managed attempts to change their reputation via gimmicky trickery and positive photo ops. This is the story of how, amongst other things, the UK’s chemical and biological weapons organisation, Porton Down, organised the systematic, repeated, and long term poisoning of tens of millions of British people with a toxic carcinogen with terrifying and wide reaching health implications. This is the history of Porton Down’s reckless use of chemical and biological weapons.

The Early History of Porton Down’s Chemical Weapons Use

The first modern chemical weapons use on the battlefields of Europe were by French forces during the opening campaigns of World War I. They would launch hand and rifle grenades which contained the tear gases ethyl bromoacetate and chloroacetone on troops which arguably opened up the use of, and legitimised the growing trend of using, chemical gases in open warfare as an offensive weapon. Germany’s earliest recorded use of chemical weapons during World War I happened on 27 October 1914, where they dropped shells containing the irritant dianisidine chlorosulfonate on British troops entrenched near Neuve-Chapelle, France. In January 1915, German artillery shells containing the irritant, xylyl bromide, would be fired at Russian troops in what is now Poland.

But the first full-scale deployment of chemical warfare agents during World War I will always be seen as the attack during the Second Battle of Ypres, on 22 April 1915, where German forces gassed French, Canadian and Algerian troops with chlorine gas released from canisters, using the wind to completely cover the Allied trenches in clouds of the concentrated agents. Chemical weapons were fast becoming a default part of the modern arsenal for every major country involved in World War I. The chemical and biological arms race was seemingly being forced upon all sides in the conflict and so each major nation gathered together their most notable scientists and began their own research into the chemical weapons and biological agents that were being deployed because, even though their deployment was becoming normalised, all the guilty parties were quite ignorant to how this technology worked and what any potential consequences could be.

In an effort to win the race in the development of effective battlefield chemical warfare solutions, the British would start off by purchasing some land just outside Salisbury, Wiltshire, where, with just a few cottages and a couple of farm houses, Porton Down would be born. Porton Down would begin operating in 1916 under the name, the War Department Experimental Station, and would soon after be renamed the Royal Engineers Experimental Station. The small initial site had been officially setup under the understanding that they were simply to test chemical weapons in response to German use of gases on the battlefields of World War I and the newly formed laboratories would soon begin researching and developing chemical weapons agents, weaponised chemical agents which were already being used by the British armed forces at that time, agents such as chlorine gas, phosgene, and mustard gas.

During the first half of 1917, the site focused on anti-gas defence, with the British respirator development moving its research and production from London to Porton Down, and by 1918, the site had become a large hutted camp with 50 officers and over 1000 other ranks. Once World War I had ended, the site was only lightly staffed until 1919, when the War Office set up the Holland Committee to examine the future of chemical warfare and defence. By the turn of the twenties, the UK Cabinet agreed to the Committee’s recommendation that work should continue at Porton Down. In 1922, there were 380 servicemen, 23 scientific and technical civil servants, and 25 “civilian subordinates” employed at the growing Porton Down facility. In 1930, Britain ratified the 1925 Geneva Protocol, which permitted the use of chemical warfare agents only in retaliation. By the time 1938 arrived, the Third Reich was rolling towards international conflict, so the Cabinet authorised offensive chemical warfare research and development, as well as the production of war reserve stocks of chemical warfare agents by the British chemical industry.

It is known that Porton Down were experimenting on humans at their Wiltshire headquarters from their primordial beginnings in 1916, but the first known occasion that scientists from Porton Down began mass experimentation on British troops had only happened a year before World War II, in 1938. Those tests, now commonly referred to as the “Rawalpindi experiments”, were where Porton Down scientists tested mustard gas on hundreds of soldiers to monitor the effects on these unsuspecting human subjects. As you will easily be able to note throughout this article, Porton Down has a very simple, tried and tested, technique to avoid taking any accountability for their actions, they simply refuse to do any follow up research on any of the people they have used in these tests, they are then able to say, “there is no evidence that our actions caused injury or death”. So, nowadays, when people mention the Rawalpindi experiments, Porton Down have always been quick to point out that there is “zero evidence” that any health effects experienced by the candidates were caused by the trials they were involved in, simply because they chose not to note down any adverse health effects.

The War Time Chemical and Biological Human Experimentation

During World War II, the Americans and British were trying desperately to compete with their Nazi counterparts to produce chemical and biological agents with an offensive military use on the battlefields of World War II. Many on the Allied side were concerned that, as the war progressed and the armies got more desperate and entrenched, the Germans would again resort to using chemical weapons at levels similar to World War I. The American’s and British would soon start testing mustard gas on their own soldiers. The troops involved in these experiments were told that they wouldn’t have any serious lasting injuries, but in reality mustard gas would cause them terrible immediate pain along with injuries which the human participants would carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Harry Hog was one of the troops sent to Porton Down during World War II. He had been told that he was going for chemical weapons training but soon discovered that he was a “volunteer” in experiments he didn’t really understand. Never was he explained the consequences of being exposed to the agents Porton Down scientists were planning to test on him. The selected troops alongside Harry, who had also been sent to the trials, would suffer the same experience. They were led quickly into a gas chamber with no windows, no ventilation. and a thick door with a peep hole, mirroring gas chambers in use in Nazi Germany at that time. Once the men were all in the chamber, a canister of mustard gas was placed on the floor in front of them and they were told that none of them would be let out until all of them were on their hands and knees. In an emotive interview given by Harry Hog, after 50 years of keeping silent under the fear of punishment from breaking the Official Secrets Act, the grey haired Scotsman explains what happened once the canister was opened and the door had been closed:

”Of course, we were choking, our lungs were bursting, our heads were bursting, and it was horrendous, and we were scrambling about with our heads at the door, trying to get air from the door, and they still wouldn’t open the door, it seemed like an eternity. Eventually they opened the door and we tumbled out, tumbled out, just tumbled out, tumbled out,… (tears well up in Harry’s eye’s as he stutters whilst attempting to recount the tale) …One man in particular was eating the grass, just like an animal, he was just out of his mind.”

Harry Hog’s silence would last five decades, fearing prosecution under the Official Secrets Act. His life was filled with much ill health before he would eventually find the courage to tell his tale, and he was one of many who survived, many other victims of Porton Down and the Ministry of Defence would eventually die of their injuries before they had an opportunity to tell anyone of their traumatic experiences.

Harry Hog speaks in a documentary on Porton Down’s Experiments

America was also committed to experimenting with these toxic agents on their own soldiers and the Allied powers were collaborating on efforts to create better weapons for mass murder. In similar experimentation as Porton Down were engaged in which were happening in the US during World War II, US soldiers were exposed to smaller amounts of mustard gas for longer periods over consecutive days. The people enacting the experiments were all completely aware of the harm they were committing on these innocent human subjects, the effects of mustard gas were well known from World War I, they would have been fully aware that they were disabling these men for life. In the future, the subjects of these experiments would suffer from cancers, a range of other consequential illnesses, and would have lifelong breathing difficulties mainly due to their lungs being irreversibly damaged from exposure to the gas. The American’s, with all the secret military medical skeletons in their closet, were not guilty of committing the most disturbing of the Allied experiments during this period, the British were becoming almost as bad as their National Socialist foes. Scientists from Porton Down would use young Australian volunteers in some of the worst Allied experimentation committed against human beings during this period. The Australian experiments were to evaluate the effects of mustard gas on troops specifically in hotter climates. Hundreds of men would be herded into the gas chambers by the Porton Down scientists and gassed with concentrated mustard gas leading to some truly terrifying results. The men suffered burns and soars all over their bodies, they would barely be able to breathe, and yet, directly after the experiments, they would be forced to run a military assault course to see how effective they could be in combat after exposure to large amounts of mustard gas. This process was to become known as “Manbreaking”, a sickening experiment which would leave nearly all the participants disabled in one way or another. One of the areas noted in the Porton Down documentation as being most affected by the procedure was the penis, scrotum and popliteal fossae, which would all soon become filled with fluid and leave the subject with severe continuing pain which meant they were unable to walk and so would physically stop the soldiers from fighting effectively.

The Germans were doing much worse experiments on the other side of the front line. They had developed nerve gas and this invention would become preciously sought-after knowledge for the Allied powers. As the war reached its end, the advancing allied armies were discovering concentration camps and laboratories where the bulk of the Nazi experimentation had been happening during the horrific reign of Hitler’s Third Reich. While the shocked soldiers liberated these hellish appendages of the Nazi atrocity machine, one British military scientist, Major D. C. Evans, was sent to gain as much technical data about the chemical agent which powered the extermination of humans by the Germans, Zyklon-B. The British were eager to know the concentrations of Zyklon-B it took to kill a human, only to discover that the use of the chemical was not recorded like a typical experiment, being that the amount of Zyklon-B agent used was strictly to exterminate the subjects rather than to run tests on them. Major Evans had a second, more important, mission, he was tasked by the Ministry of Defence with discovering as much information as he could about the development of nerve gas for Porton Down researchers. Nerve gas was the most lethal chemical agent developed so far, the British were desperate to add the specifications of the Nazi VX agent to their own data and to create an arsenal of chemical weapons which were more sophisticated than any of its rivals. Evans intelligence report at the time also shows us that the British were confident they would be able to find the information needed to meet their objectives to acquire these horrific offensive weapons.

The major battlefields of Europe would soon fall silent, but the Japanese were still fanatically charged to fight until the end, and the chief of Porton Down, E. E. Haddon, was desperately hunting for a live testing ground packed with human meat for their proverbial chemical grinder, Tokyo soon became a major potential target for Porton Down and its collaborators. In letters written whilst Haddon was secretary of the UK’s Chemical Board, the Establishment stalwart states: “In his report on his discussions in America … Major General Goldnoy suggested that it might be worthwhile attempting to assess the probable effects of a C.W. (chemical weapons) bombing attack on Tokyo. Particulars of the population and layout and photographs of typical buildings and areas in Tokyo were kindly provided by the Director of Military Intelligence, War Office and those have now been studied by Professor Brunt.”

The initial bombardments were being planned to take place in areas which were densely packed with highly flammable buildings, with the document defining the goal of using enough incendiaries “to set the large areas involved on fire.” This burning of Tokyo would be followed by a chemical gas attack on the “modern type of streets” which were more difficult to reduce into ash quickly with simple incendiary devices. The document also suggested using, “a very large number of small bombs” in densely populated parts of the city. The United States instead eventually dropped nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima in 1945.

Post War Porton

Cold War era Britain was awash with propaganda. The world had just witnessed the emergence of some of the biggest breakthroughs in technology and science during recorded history – only achieved at such a quick pace because of the ever present fear of impending doom and, Britain, along with their American partners, were in no mood to discuss the ethics concerning some of these new and devastating technologies.. World War II had given the Western defence agencies an ability to research murderous chemical and biotechnology, now they would continue creating these weapons under the rationale of having them ready “just in case they were ever required to be used”. But we all know what happens when you give the blood thirsty and power hungry warmongers of the world a little droplet of your life-blood, they’ll soon want it all. After the Nuremberg Trials, human experimentation appeared to be out of the question for any national state entity in the future, at great relief to a worried public. But the people in charge of the United Kingdom’s number one chemical warfare and bio-defence research facility, Porton Down, would be encouraged to see their research as exempt from any international regulations, treaties, or pacts protecting human life. The completely reckless Porton Down scientists would be allowed to continue causing countless deaths, countless because Porton Down, the Ministry of Defence, and consecutive UK governments, all choose not to bother counting the dead and injured people they experiment on.

The UK Government, in an article audaciously entitled “The Truth About Porton Down!”, erroneously states:

“The UK’s chemical and biological weapons programme was closed down in the 1950s. Since then Porton Down has been active in developing effective countermeasures to the constantly evolving threat posed by chemical and biological weapons. To help develop effective medical countermeasures and to test systems, we produce very small quantities of chemical and biological agents which are stored securely and disposed of safely when they are no longer required.”

But the claim that the UK’s offensive chemical and biological weapons programs run from the laboratories at Porton Down were “closed down in the 1950’s” is provable “fake news” directly from the heart of an Establishment elite who think they’ve succeeded in hoodwinking an entire generation and any future generations. Of course, it should be the job of the free press to hold the government to account when such claims are made, but the mainstream media has again been found as missing in action. In fact, there wasn’t only offensive chemical and biological weapons development and research happening at Porton throughout the fifties, sixties and seventies, but they were often targeting tens of millions, that’s right TENS OF MILLIONS, of unknowing British residents. These crimes, akin to some of the war crimes committed by the Axis powers during WWII, are still having repercussions on peoples health to this very day and no-one official and no organisation has been held accountable or even admitted an issue. Now, with a virus, which appears to have been partly developed in a Chinese lab with official American funding, being used as an excuse to close society, it’s more important than ever that we take a trip back in time to examine why the bio-defence industry appears to remain untouchable and unaccountable.

Through post-war projects like Operation Paper-clip, the scientists who were at the heart of the most major Nazi advances in technology, and some who were guilty of the most inhumane experimentation, were spared the gallows at Nuremberg and, instead, were smuggled over to the US and Britain. Some of the most famous German scientists who were working on the nerve agent programs disappeared from the list of defendants in Nuremberg and were never heard of again. Soon, Porton Down were developing nerve gas in a newly constructed secret facility in Cornwall. The top secret, state of the art, facility in Nancekuke, was fitted with identical lab equipment to the equipment that had been used in the Nazi experimentation as well as using parts from the German chemical plants. The British had picked up almost exactly where the Nazi scientists had left off, of course, in collaboration with their American allies.

It isn’t hard for us to imagine a man in a lab coat reassuring a waiting human guinea pig that the experimental trial they’ve signed up for is not dangerous at all. It was the infamous Milgram experiments that showed the world the true coercive power of a man with a reassuring tone and a lab coat. In some of the Porton Down experiments, candidates were sat down and told that they were to be exposed to a small amount of nerve gas, such a small amount that it couldn’t even harm a mouse. Many of the survivors would be left impotent, with enlarged hearts, emphysema, general nerve damage, high blood pressure, as well as many other permanent injuries. In 1953, a man of twenty years of age named Ronald Maddison, from County Durham, would be enticed by all the propaganda to get involved with the experiments. It was believed that Ronald died in horrific pain, convulsing out of control, until the asphyxiation would end his life. But, when an inquest was finally allow to hear the details over five decades later, we learn the truth of how Maddison died is truly beyond imagining.

Ronald Maddison was only 20 when he was poisoned with nerve gas by Porton Down Scientists

Maddison would have been promised at least a shilling for volunteering and was told he would be going to a holiday camp where they would be testing a harmless common cold drug, in reality, he was murdered by the scientists of Porton Down, one of seven cases of severe nerve gas poisoning which happened in Porton Down during that time. Alfred Thornhill, a 19 year old Mancunian who had signed up for national service, recounted the immediate aftermath of the incident in great detail. Thornhill, described as a young ambulance driver at the time of the incident, had been told to carry Maddison over to a hospital bed. The young boy would not be able to avoid becoming mentally scarred from what he saw next, he stated:

“I saw his leg rise up from the bed and I saw his skin begin turning blue. It started from the ankle and started spreading up his leg. It was like watching somebody pouring a blue liquid into a glass, it just began filling up. I was standing by the bed gawping. It was like watching something from outer space and then one of the doctors produced the biggest needle I had ever seen. It was the size of a bicycle pump and went down onto the lad’s body. The sister saw me gawping and told me to get out.”

Porton Down would pro actively cover-up the manner and details of Ronald’s Death for half a century.

By 1956, Porton Down were trying to repair any potential damage which may have been done to their reputation by stating that they had permanently stopped researching chemical and biological weapons to use for offensive purposes and claimed they would only be working on these agents for the protection of human life. But, as with everything Porton Down says, the reality was very far removed from the image they were projecting out to the public. Over the next 20 years, Porton Down would commit to some of the most brazen acts of mass human experimentation ever seen in history, which would lead to tens of millions being targeted by this unaccountable arm of the UK’s Ministry of Defence. In 1957, a top secret report from a joint defence conference on chemical and biological warfare who were titled the Offensive Evaluation Committee – held between the US, UK and Australia – showed that Britain’s claims to only commit to defensive research was already old news. The document states:

“V agent spray shows considerable promise in the attack of personnel in the open, or in open trenches, and for ground contamination.” with documents going on to state, “Research and development efforts in all three countries should be expedited… with a view to their incorporation into the weapons systems.”

In the 15 years up until 1959, it can be established that at least 7000 “volunteers” were involved in Porton Down’s human experimentation, with around 2500 of those being exposed to nerve gas.

Mass Contamination

In 1963, the Offensive Evaluation Committee were still active, with one of the British representatives being the then head of Porton Down, E. E. Haddon. Haddon would comment that the US had chosen VX nerve gas as their “standard agent” and that the UK, who were examining other agents, would probably be under pressure to also accept the use of VX. In 1993, the then head of Porton Down, in a “formal written reply” to the UK parliament, would claim that they had never tested or studied any other VX-like nerve agents at the facility, only to soon afterwards submit a letter to the commons library admitting that his original statement was wrong. Porton Down continued to tow the line of peaceful research publicly, advertising widely that they stopped any offensive research in 1956, but behind the scenes the facility was more deeply involved in offensive research than they ever had been before.

Porton Down, in all its forms throughout the years, has refused to be honest about what happened throughout the 1960’s and onward, although some of the operations committed by the facility are infamous. On 30 November 1964, troops from 41st Royal Marine Commando, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Carter, were put into the hands of Porton Down scientists to take part in a trial of what was described at the time as an “incapacitating agent”. That incapacitating agent was LSD 25 and the troops would spend three days taking part in exercises to study the effects of this compound on soldiers in the battlefield. The operations, now remembered as Operation Moneybags, would be based on the “internal security problems” which the Royal Air Force had previously encountered during a campaign in Cyprus. The volunteers would spend the first day sober and completing the exercise as would be expected. On the second day, the troops were unknowingly dosed with LSD at 11:15am, with the solution being dropped in their water and administered by nurses, and they were then driven directly to the exercise. The commander of the troop was told that half a dozen terrorists were thought to be in the square mile where the exercise would take place. By 11:40am, troops had begun being reprimanded for insubordination, one soldier was soon completely incapacitated, whilst the man on the rocket launcher was unable to stop swaying, and by midday, the troops had mostly become incapable of long term actions, only responding when immediate action stimulates them to do so. These seemingly innocuous and more public displays of what Porton Down were studying hid a much wider and more comprehensive sinister agenda.

As early as 1959, three years after promising to only commit to defensive research, Porton Down began to dump large amounts of Zinc Cadmium Sulfide from aircraft over populated areas in mass human experimentation that was both cruel and devastating for those affected. Porton Down were supposedly testing out how vulnerable Britain actually was to a germ warfare attack, by attacking its own population. Zinc Cadmium Sulfide was known to be highly toxic with the Cadmium causing birth defects which have been well-noted in laboratory experiments on rats, as well as being heavily carcinogenic. In August 1959, a Royal Air Force aircraft flew above the North Sea before changing course to fly along the English Channel spraying the compound as it flew, the MoD were, what many refer to today as, “chemtrailing” the south coast of England. The records of readings taken during the experiments show that the majority of the chemicals released were taken by the wind in a north-easterly direction, but when the plane reached the end of its flight path the remaining chemicals were dumped out in concentrations 1000 times greater than anywhere else in the country. The people of Dorchester and the nearby town of East Lulworth had been dusted with what can only be described as death particles from above. These coastal Dorset tourist hot spots would have been full with many visitors during the peak of summer, but its studying the obvious consequences of the Porton Down and MoD human experimentation had on the residents of East Lulworth which could break even the hardest heart. Although the folks at Porton Down won’t look at the evidence, the residents of East Lulworth have suffered from miscarriages, birth defects, as well as all manner of other health issues affecting them and their children, with at least 21 families affected.

Thanks to the work of such researchers as Mike Kenner, we know that between 1953 and 1964 the east of England alone was sprayed with the Cadmium based compound on over 75 different occasions. Mike Kenner, an activist researcher, discovered documents detailing the Norwich and Bedford Porton Down-led mass human experimentation trails. Kenner’s investigation initially showed that there were 12 large-scale experiments conducted by Porton Down in these trials, on further investigation this number would increase to 70 large-scale experiments and, by 2006, there were almost 100 different experiments noted during this period, covering large parts of the UK. He would also gather other important evidence, uncovering Porton Technical Paper No. 794, which, as Kenner writes,

“detailed a number of experiments where radioactive gas and Zinc Cadmium Sulfide particles were released from AERE Harwell and were tracked for at least 60 kilometres downwind.”

Another top secret document out of Porton Down that Kenner uncovered was Porton Technical Paper 885 which detailed around 36 operations involving the spraying of Zinc Cadmium Sulfide by Porton Down scientists in Bedfordshire during 1963. This paper showed that the Porton down scientists were not limited to dropping concentrated Zinc Cadmium Sulfide from planes, dispersing the chemical over a wide area but, in these trials, they were actually spraying the chemicals at ground level out the of a vehicle which they would drive around. This incredibly reckless display of complacent and murderous scientific exploitation would have caused the residents of Cardington in Bedford to receive a higher dosage of inhaled Zinc Cadmium Sulfide than if sprayed from a plane. So. we know that Porton Down were spraying unwitting population masses in the UK with toxic chemicals from aircraft and vehicles, but Porton Down were also spraying the populations of multiple counties by boat.

Clouds of Secrecy Documentary featuring Mike Kenner

Zinc Cadmium Sulfide was not the only agent dispersed on large swathes of the British population, negatively affecting the health of many British citizens. Porton Down were also spraying lab grown E.coli over the land from ships and using the wind to spread the germs as far as possible. At first it was believed that E.coli had been sprayed from a ship in Lyme Bay, off Lyme Regis in Dorset on one occasion, but it was soon found that the Porton Down scientists had sprayed these germs over Dorset, Somerset, and Devon, on many different occasions. Porton Down claimed that the strain of E.coli which had been used was completely harmless, but further tests showed a different strain of E.coli had been used by Porton Down in several of these experiments.

Porton Down even hinted at what they were doing at the time publicly in a propaganda reel released on 28 October 1968, entitled, Defence Against Germ Warfare! In the short look inside Porton Down facilities, half-way through the presenter states: “..More importantly, is how a couple of aircraft spraying germs from the air could blanket the whole of Britain in a matter of hours…” this unexpected piece of video evidence shows us images of flight paths and maps of the UK. The images include some of the exact flight paths we know that the aircraft took whilst dropping Zinc Cadmium Sulfide from the air. This little clue suggests that the intention of the experiments was not to only spray these chemicals over parts of Britain, but the entirety of the island, which if they have done, will have led to birth defects, miscarriages and all sorts of negative health consequences across the entire UK.

Porton Down propaganda (1968) showing some of the flight paths of the Zinc Cadmium Sulfide chemical dispersal runs

All over the United Kingdom, people have unknowingly suffered the negative consequences of these outrageous and illegal mass human experiments enacted by the scientists at Porton Down. Still, Porton Down continues to evade accountability and justice, and they continue to get away with using an outdated and incredulous “see no evil” approach to taking responsibility. As long as they don’t note down the actual consequences of their evil Nazi-like experimentation on the people of the United Kingdom, Porton Down can continue to deny those affected proper compensation, support, and recognition for the injustice and suffering they’ve endured

The Rebranding of Porton Down

By the mid 1990’s, Porton Down had a serious image problem. So many negative stories had been leaked and Porton Downs PR approach had been seriously lacking. There were growing calls and threats of official inquiries, judicial reviews, inquests on a range of subjects, as well as many small local journalists probing for regional stories. There had been, and would continue to be, a multitude of attempts to rename and rebrand Porton Down’s operations to help them avoid being accountable for any of the facilities previous actions, with survivors being almost completely forgotten, and many of their more gothic endeavours seemingly permanently sealed into the annuls of history as recorded fact. But many people don’t think that’s anywhere near acceptable. The Porton Down monster has murdered many people, they have cut many lives short with their reckless actions, and they’ve contemptuously waited patiently for most of the victims to have died.

By the time Tony Blair was in power, the defence Establishment was growing. not only in power, but also in its serious lack of accountability. The future under the Blair government, in almost every public sector, was the public/private partnership. This model would soon allow for the MoD to contract off certain parts of the more controversial research happening at the facility, obviously to create plenty of wriggle room for actual legal accountability. On 2 July 2001, the facilities at Porton Down would be rebranded “The Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl)” and would begin reaching out to more entrepreneurs and private defence companies. Dstl was initially formed during a split of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), with Dstl being established to handle the science and technology work that is considered best done within government, whilst Qinetiq – a government-owned company later floated on the stock exchange – was to handle the industry based enterprises.

But, even with the twenty years of rebranding under their belt, the facilities at Porton Down will continue to be viewed with suspicion and, with their atrocious history of crimes against humanity, is it any surprise. The issue of Porton Down still being unaccountable for what they do and create is even more important as we approach the potentialb high tech solutions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Dstl facility at Porton Down is no longer just the home for the Ministry of Defence, who in 2016/17 funded 91% of the laboratories activities, but a facility which is home to secret projects involving chemical weapons like nerve agents and Anthrax, biological weapons such as live lab made viruses, is also becoming involved in sectors which a facility with this history of murder should leave well alone. In March 2020, scientists from Dstl began assisting Public Health England in projects involving COVID-19 and by January 2021, around 300 scientists were said to be involved with COVID-19 research at the Dstl Porton Down facility. This combination may sit well for the majority of the UK, but most of the citizens do not know the real 100 year history of a facility which has been guilty of breaking a huge range of laws, ignoring basic human rights, committing mass contamination of the UK with heavily toxic carcinogenic material, causing deformations in children, miscarriages, not to mention mass murder, illegal human experimentation, lying to parliament, and ignoring and hiding the consequences of their actions and the severe damage inflicted on the health and lives of all those affected. Also, it’s important to note that what we know is most likely only the tip of the iceberg and, in reality, the true history of this famous institution of the UK Ministry of Defence is likely to be even more horrific than we can even imagine. As one of Dtsl’s recent promotional videos says, they are there:

to create the unthinkable.

Dstl Creates the Unthinkable

The Consequences of Our Inaction

In reviewing the hundred plus years history of the development of the the Porton Down facilities, there are so many events that no one can be held responsible for. With many of the criminal actions, too much time has passed, there were understandable extenuating circumstances, and a few of the early achievements of the facility were fairly laudable, the mass production of gas masks being the most notable. But, once you build up the fuller picture of their mass human experimentation programs, its clear that their actions may have had much wider consequences on almost every British citizen in varying ways, physically, psychologically, and in the setting of societal standard practices.

If we listen to Porton Down, everything used in their mass experimentation operations was harmless to the health of humans. But if we look at the evidence, we can see that the Cadmium in the Zinc Cadmium Sulfide agent, which was sprayed over every part of Britain, is toxic to living creatures. It is known to cause cancer and birth defects, this has been comprehensively studied in rats under laboratory conditions. Porton Down say the E.coli they sprayed over South West England was harmless to the health of humans. But further analysis of the E.coli samples showed some other strains had been used that do have the potential to cause harm to the health of humans.

We know that Porton Down and the Ministry of Defence have avoided taking significant responsibility for any of their actions in these matters. They have been able to cause death and injury to UK citizens with no worry of having to take any responsibility for the harm they’ve caused. This abstract relationship we are having with this secretive authoritarian branch of our governments is blatantly abusive and rife with contradictions. They experiment on us in secret and we’re meant to believe that they make no record of the damage they do to human lives. They tell people that these experiments are for the protection of British citizens, but we have never been a subject of a major chemical weapons attack, and the only state who are in any way guilty of attacking the British people with large-scale chemical weapons use on UK territory is actually Britain itself via the state sanctioned actions of Porton Down and the Ministry of Defence.

We must be truly some of the most sheep-like citizens of any nation on Earth, to be able to gather all the evidence that shows our own leaders have been poisoning us and our families for decades, and to allow those involved to make it part of Porton Down’s long list of historic crimes which have been consigned almost completely to the dustbin of the distant past. We seem to acquiesce automatically to the promise of protection against the horrifying biological and chemical terrors which they themselves are busy creating and developing in their shadowy laboratories. Personally, I see this as a psychological anomaly, where large parts of the population continuously support a system which has the ability to be repurposed and, at the drop of a hat, can be used to aid in the mass extermination of life. Porton Down is the continuation of the Nazi death camp research ideology, with the difference that there is no more persecuted minority being targeted for research. Once Porton Down began their experiments, the entirety of Great Britain became a Nazi death camp in the making. The Nazi’s put people in gas chambers, so Porton Down did the same, the Nazi’s created nerve gas, so Porton Down did the same, the Nazi’s murdered millions…

I argue that Porton Down is, in essence, an continuing extension of the most perverted scientific experiments of the 20th century. It has continued in a trend started by the Nazi’s and their heinous actions have set societal standards in modern industry and government that we can now see manifesting in the behaviour of some of the largest pharmaceutical companies on Earth.

When the experimental mRNA Pfizer BioNTech vaccine began its global rollout, the decision was made that Pfizer would only keep a record of what it termed as “spontaneous” reports of adverse side effects which people experienced when injected with the Pfizer product, these were reports people who had experienced vaccine side effects made to Pfizer of their own volition. There was no system in place to monitor the mid or long term effects of the vaccine and, by doing this, Pfizer could avoid accountability for the majority of any future health issues experienced as a result of the mRNA drug, after all, like with Porton Down, if you don’t count the injuries and deaths you cause, then there’s no evidence your organisation was responsible for anything and negative statistics can’t be used against you, don’t count, don’t tell. This sort of tactic is usually only for use by intelligence and defence agencies, not pharmaceutical companies, but the irresponsible actions of government-led organisations like Porton Down have normalised such behaviour.

Now, to end this look into Porton Down, both past and present, I’ll leave you with this thought. Are you naïve, or are you paranoid? Are you so paranoid that you believe everyone is trying to harm you? Or, are you so naïve that you think nobody is trying to harm you? The truth can be found where it is always located, somewhere in the middle of the two extremes. But, in understanding and accepting that, you must also accept that some people are out to do you harm. The people who enter into the defence sector do not tend to be compassionate and emotive humans. If you’re able to rationalise the murder of people you’ll probably never meet by supporting your conscious with a rigid collectivist ideology then you’ve arguably already detached yourself from life’s more beautiful side. During a time of mass formation, you can be sure that the people pushing the buttons will be completely clouded by their chosen ideology. That same cloud patrolled the gulags of Russia and the death camps of Germany, it committed horrific psychological experiments in America and Canada, it broke the necks of Black people for the colour of their skin, and it chopped the tall trees in Rwanda. That cloud was the same cloud that slaughtered the Native American tribes, it was there for every pogrom, every massacre, every genocide. It’s killed presidents and paupers, it’s raped, beaten and abused human beings for the entirety of recorded history. Throughout time immemorial, that cloud of ideological hate has killed billions, if not trillions, and was also responsible for the death of a young Scottish man named Ronald Maddison, as well as many others who shall remain unknown, unnamed, and purposely uncounted. This is the cloud that murdered all the miscarried babies who were sentenced to death inside their mothers womb before they would get a chance to experience a meaningful existence.

That cloud isn’t made up of chemicals, that cloud is made up of humans, humans like you and I.