Johnny’s Data Diving Part 4

Criminally Profiling the Modern Day Digital Pedophile

Somewhere, in the deepest recesses of the American Rust Belt, a man named Ron DuPont is filling his computer hard drive with dog porn. I have often thought about poor old lonely Ron, tugging away at his naughty bits to the sight of a woman and her canine lover. But alas, I am too busy to reach out a gloved helping hand to the psychologically bent Mr. DuPont at this time. And what would I even say to such a disturbed fellow? I just hope that Ron’s fetish remains in the virtual world for the sake of his own animal friends.

Most people seem to be into downloading pornography of some description. It’s not a surprise that in this 24/7 digitally dominated world that humans are so regularly resorting to self pleasure to take the edge off. But visual sensual stimuli comes at a human cost; especially when it relates to the violent, abusive, and pedophilic pornography that has swamped the internet since its inception. Nowadays, a lot of people are using the Tor Browser to access the “Dark Web” and are usually protected by a VPN (Virtual Private Network), so they can download their horrific fix anonymously. But many more people are still using the same old tools that have been available for most of the past two decades. Torrents, P2P Networks, and other file sharing sites move this illegal and explicit data from computer to computer and port to port. In amongst this messy web of connections is where I sit patiently to catch the more naive computer users who are downloading and sharing illicit content alongside identifying documentation.

I’ve recently begun researching the criminal profiles of various kinds of child molesters, murderers, and rapists. Criminal profiling is incredibly important for discovering the type of sex offender you’re dealing with by how their behaviours manifest in reality.

There are supposedly two main types of child molester. There are “situational child molesters” and “preferential child molesters”. A situational child molester will usually not prefer children as a sexual partner, whereas a preferential child molester will prefer children as a sexual partner (or at least that’s what Holmes & Holmes say in their reference guide from 1996.) Most of us don’t like to use terms like “sexual partner” when discussing child rape, as it insinuates consent by both parties, but criminal profilers use words that are often uncomfortable to hear for the average psychosexually neurotypical human.

Many of the most common criminal profiles that have been developed to understand pedophillic behavioral traits are over 25 years old and are related to child molestation, not pedophiles generally. There is a difference, as not all pedophiles will act on their urges and become child molesters, identifying the difference between a pedophile and a child abuser helps to prioritise investigations and deal with them accordingly.

There is very little information available to successfully criminally profile online sex offenders, everything is outdated and not fit for the internet age. The only official guide to digital pedophile hunting that I could find, explained only how to download some of the software used, with no further instructions on how to utilise that software safely and effectively.

During my short time that I’ve spent pedophile hunting, I have noticed some telling traits which could help to identify the similarities between the criminal profiles of child molesters and those of online pedophiles. We must know our enemy better than they know themselves.

Preferential Pedophiles:

The “situational” and “preferential” categories of child abusers in criminal profiling do seem to fit roughly to the traits of online pedophiles. For instance, a preferential pedophile will not have any regular legal porn on their hard drive. They are only interested in children and usually have a selective age range. They will organise their pornography and they will often rename files so as to hide the contents, but they have a habit of using recognisable pseudotitles. There seem to be two main subsets of online preferential pedophiles. The original profilers of the leading crime agencies would probably describe one subtype as fixated and the other as sadistic. A sadistic preferential pedophile would be the most important subtype of preferential pedophile to identify. Sadistic pedophiles are more likely to abuse children in reality and they also pose a serious threat to that child’s life. A fixated preferential pedophile will be much more likely to have a longer grooming period before any serious abuse begins and they will usually have many victims.

Situational Pedophiles:

The majority of the online pedophiles seem to fit more easily into the situational pedophile category. Watching child abuse assists the offender to achieve a feeling of increased self status or power over another individual. I would even be comfortable to go as far as assuming that, like situational child molesters, their behaviour is triggered by stressors or a feeling of inadequacy. The situational pedophile will consume normal legal pornography but will also have a smaller stash of child pornography for when they are triggered to act on their urges. Their collection of illicit files are usually messy and disorganised. Their lack of digital conscientiousness is probably why they are the easiest pedophiles to identify. There is a sadistic subtype for situational pedophiles; but they are more likely to be sadistic to any humans irrelevant of their victim’s age or gender, they are some of the most dangerous people alive and often target children simply because they are easier prey.

These are very basic non-scientific criminal profiles of modern online pedophiles, I do intend to refine them and add more detail when I have accumalated more data. Defining the behaviour of the pedophiles who I’m exposing will also help me when I track them down in the real world.

Offenders also like to have usernames, almost as if they are tagging their work, or as if they see themselves as conceptually shielded behind an alternative identity. Sometimes, they just give their real names; that’s how you know you’ve come across a pedophile with an extremely low IQ.

The majority of these men have no idea how being exposed will completely change their existence. Their family and friends are often blissfully unaware of their deranged secret world. Many of these offenders have beautiful lives with an abundance of wealth, happiness and love. They can be the least likely people to be pedophiles and yet here they are, committing atrocious acts for which their friends and family will never be able to forgive them.

I’ve started to realise that I have a strange insight into the world of some of the sickest men in our society. Men who still think they have secrets and don’t know that I’m taking detailed notes.

P.S. We have a war to fight against online sexual abuse and I need to gather together some militiamen and women for the coming battles. If you think that you can help me in some way then I would be very happy to hear from you. I have many folders of evidence on various offenders all around the globe. I need people who can translate the information to the authorities of every country in the world. I have active investigations in USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Hungary, French Guadeloupe, Thailand Sweden, Switzerland, and Denmark. I need a global network to apply local pressure on often ignorant authorities. You can contact me by emailing Alternatively, if you need help and you have no where else to turn then get in touch.