NEWSHOUND #5 – Kissinger’s Awkward Birthday Bash

80 Toast Kissinger For 50th Birthday

In 1973, Heinz A Kissinger turned 50 years old and the famous women’s night spot, The Colony Club, hosted his birthday party. However, Kissinger’s administration had just been found to be wiretapping the press and their political enemies during the Watergate scandal. In fact, many of the 80 attendees of Kissinger’s 50th birthday bash had also been bugged on Kissinger’s orders. This made for a very awkward night indeed.  @Johnny Vedmore  also goes through articles about Kissinger’s expertise concerning foreign policy, Napoleonic diplomacy and the future of Limited Nuclear War. Come on a journey through time with Johnny Vedmore and NEWSHOUND.

Prefer to watch it on an independent platform? Come to RokFin:

Click the image to watch on RokFin–Kissingers-Awkward-Birthday-Bash–80-Toast-Kissinger-For-50th-Birthday

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